The Gentle Art – Kit (Men’s)

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The Gentle Art Men’s kit comes with both the Rashguards and the Shorts. This collection is meant to help you kill it gently on and off the mats, all the while, looking slick. Training in any form has become an essential part of all our lives. When we do not compromise on the quality of training, then why should we compromise on what we wear during the training. That is where The Gentle Art Collection comes in.

The Gentle Art Men’s Kit can be used anywhere irrespective of the training type. Some of the USAGE of the Kit are:

  • JIU-JIUTSU Sessions
  • S&C Sessions
  • MMA
  • YOGA

Pretty much everywhere. These are just to name a few.

We have made sure that it fits your lifestyle with features that compliment it. It is antimicrobial, that will help in Odor Control, made with the finest Woven polyester and Spandex  including the lining of the Shorts It’s composition is meant to make you feel comfortable while you wear and train in it and also it’s sized to fit you well.



  • No hassle of Velcro attachment at the front of the Shorts
  • Elastic Lining around the waist
  • Thread provided on the inside of the Shorts to provide additional strength and functionality
  • Bulit-in Inner wear

Colours – Black


Size & Shape


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