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The people who work at 411fightwear share the vision and the values of our community. We are constantly working and adapting to meet your every training need. People in our team train and understand JiuJitsu and hence are aware of every possible chokes that limited access to quality gear presents. You can reach out to them individually and get to know more about them.

JiuJitsu is a way of life.

How it started…

Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its own solution. That is motto we at 411Fightwear believe in.
It was during training sessions that we realised that the classes outweigh the JiuJitsu apparels that we have access to, and the ones that we did have, weren’t at par to meet the wear and tear of the consecutive JiuJitsu sessions. The underlying problem was that we did not have a go-to store in India to meet JiuJitsu training needs and a few of the places where we did have access to were either too expensive or the quality wasn’t superior.
It was then we decided to start a single platform for all the JiuJiteiros and the fighters out there, where they could get access to all their training needs. Hence, 411Fightwear.

Our Philosophy…

Say Hello! To India’s first fight-wear store offering value-based best quality products. As Martial artists in India, we all have faced issues in getting the best quality gear. If we can do so, it is through our friends and our dear ones coming down from the states or any other countries which have these gears available and this depends, most of the times, on their availability and convenience. This usually involves a waiting period lasting from few to several weeks. When we think of hassle free experience, we have very limited options from exploring several online to retail stores. In an effort to pick the best and unique martial art gear, we often end up compromising on the quality or price. We strive to bridge this gap by providing amazing athletes like you with the best quality gear, in the shortest span of time and at the best price that you can expect. We value your trust and care about your feelings towards sports and in an effort to do so, we are excited to introduce 411fightwear covering wide range of products. We believe, with our products which are just a click away, athletes like you can focus on more important things in training without having to worry about your basic training wear needs.

Meet the Team

Saikat Basu

Saikat Basu is 411fightwear’s Co-Founder. He has been practicing Jiu-jitsu for 8 years at the Institute of Jiu-jitsu. It is his love for the sport that has driven him to start a medium, enabling all the grapplers and martial artist to have great quality gears. He also plans to put India on the grappling map of the world. The one thing that he believes in strongly is, no one is less capable than the others, It is the hard work and passion that defines an individual.

Parash Sharma

Parash Sharma is 411fightwear’s Co-Founder. He has been a martial artist all his life. His passion about martial arts started from school and manifested in college when he received his black belt in Karate. After college, he started to contribute to the martial art world by teaching kids and adults.
His vision is to help all the budding martial artists by providing a single platform, where they can get great quality martial art equipment faster and cheaper.
His favourite quote is by John C Maxwell, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” He plans to add to the existing style of the martial artist/grapplers.
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