A custom look to the gear acts as an eye-catcher, at tournaments and otherwise! Also, when you order in Bulk, it’ll help you save some cash.

Now you can order your Institute Gis / Belts / Patches from us.  Following are the products available for customization:

  • BJJ Gis 
  • Belts – Training and Instructor belts in all colours
  • Patches.

MOQs and Cost can be found below:

  • BJJ Gis: The minimum order for the BJJ Gis is 20.

          For qty 20-30: Cost per Gi = ₹ 5200.00

          For qty 30-45: Cost per Gi = ₹ 5000.00

          For qty >45: Cost per Gi = ₹ 4800.00

  • Belts: The minimum order for the belts is 50. Cost per belt – ₹ 280.00
  • Patches: It’ll vary depending on the design provided.

Contact us at or give us a call at +91-9916222285 to get customized gear for your gym.

We have created a document to help you understand the process better and answer your questions to the best of our ability. You can view/ download it here.

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